Sunday, October 14, 2007

Local Rock Band (The Behjat Brothers) entertain Cupertino Baha'i Junior Youth Group

Today, a wonderful group of middle school youth gathered and had fun being entertained by The Behjat Brothers. It was a lovely afternoon of percussion music, where the children joined in the brothers with Native American drums, and other percussion instruments. It was indeed a very joyful occasion and everyone (adults included) seemed to have a great time.
Here are some pictures which speak for themselves.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Participatory and democratic elections for Baha'is (Unit Convention)

Yesterday, I attended Unit Convention for my Baha'i district to elect the representative to the National Convention (where the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of United States is elected- 9 members).

In Baha'i elections, there is no nomination process or electioneering process. All Baha'is on the roster of each District are eligible to be elected. Votes are collected and based on plurality or majority votes, the person is elected. This system wipes out need for funds, negative electioneering, mud slinging, politicking etc. It brings about a truer basis of democracy. Baha'is are thus encouraged to make it a point to attend Unit Convention to excerice this right and to ensure this type of democracy is enshrined. Non attendance or non-participation (participation can include voting by mailing in your ballots) erodes this system and allows for apathy and personalities to prevail. I was truly inspired by the message shared to us by the Universal House of Justice reminding us to excercise this right and this can change the way we conduct affairs in this world, one step at a time.

I enjoyed meeting old friends and connecting with new ones, and enjoyed being able to share my views to be taken to the Unit Convention by the elected representative (Marsha Gilpatrick). Although she was unable to attend, minutes were taken by a Secretary and will be passed to her as our input to the National Convention.

In between these administrative matters, we had lots of music, prayers, children reading and singing prayers, children's classes, refreshments, etc. It was indeed a lovely celebration and I am glad we made the effort to go. I would have liked a little longer for consultation than just 1/2 hour but perhaps next time round. Bravo to the Los Gatos Spiritual Assembly for pulling off this event on such short notice (about 4 weeks).