Monday, July 16, 2007

Faces of friendships and family in Singapore

Attended a lovely Baha'i Feast in June 2007 at the Singapore National Baha'i center and met so many lovely souls (some old friends, many new acquaintances). It was like coming home- after all it was only 1998 that myself, my husband and two children left to the United States. I still consider Singapore home so do still make it back as often as I can. This Feast was truly enjoyable as the Youth conducted the session and even had games to have us memorise the writings and build social skills.

Attended a devotional session and caught up with other friends too. It felt really good to be back.

What had really brought me to Singapore was my father's 80th birthday celebration (it went wonderfully- considering we organised in less than a week. We still had about 60 friends and family turn up. Some of them came on wheelchairs, many had limited walking abilities, some were just recovering from surgery, and most were mainly in their 70s and 80s. They all came to celebrate this date with my dad- THE TRUE SENSE OF LOYALTY, DUTY AND HONOUR. I was very touched by the committement he had to his friends and they to them. I HOPE THE WORLD NEVER LOOSES THIS SPECIAL TYPES OF FRIENDSHIP THAT HELD GENERATIONS GLUED TOGETHER ACROSS FAMILIES.

It was indeed a true attestation to the life of my father as many people said they would not have come but for the fact it was my father's event. He had done so much for them and they were all so grateful. I thus understand that much of these networks were largely driven by my father's sincerity and compassion for people, and I am proud to see his efforts benefitted others and that they wanted to personally express their thanks to him


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