Monday, January 08, 2007


My dear sister from Oklahoma (dedicated Baha'i) visiting with her two children, my older sister who has completed two Ruhi Books but still questions whether this is a religion for her, and my nephew who is not sure also what he feels about the Faith were visiting over the holidays. I decided to take them all up to revel in the beauty of Bosch Baha'i School. I wish I had thought about it earlier and signed them up for some classes so we could have stayed up and enjoyed the mountain life a little.

Anyway, off we went with two cars since there were 9 of us, and we managed to finally take off after lunch to head to Bosch. Since many of us suffer from motion sickness, we took the longer way i.e. via the town of Santa Cruz. It was a nice ride, and finally we made it there. Unfortunately, we seem to have missed the session for that day and even did not get to meet any of the attendees as they were busy packing to leave.

So naturally, we headed to the most social place at Bosch. The coffee shop Bookstore. What a lovely surprise I found. I did know they were planning to renovate the place but it had been months since I last came up. They have truly made some remarkable changes to the place, and it is very wide, open and very conducive for people to strecth a little and take time to puruse books as they chose. I like the way they used the reading shelf to create little nooks and corners for difference age groups, and also including toys for the younger age groups. How very thoughtful and how very inviting. Bosch to me remains a place to get the books and music I want and need, and the rejevunation I need for my next venture.,

As if that was not enough, we managed to meet the lovely Baha'i Youth from around the world serving to make Bosch a better place for people who come up to learn and pray. We met Randell from Ethiopia, Saha from Utah and Olivia from Germany. Turned out my sister actually knew Saha when my sister lived in Utah shortly, and even conducted a childrens classes when Saha was just a child! What a small world indeed! So picture time could not go without a miss. Then my nephew from Singapore the fighter pilot had a chance to speak with Randell about the Faith. Interestingly, we later met our friends from Davies and who also knew Randell, and noted that he is a good person and was glad we managed to meet him. I am convinced that no matter where we come from or what we do, we are all connected and if not yet, will be sooner or later. Also remet Christine who works at Bosch, and was happy to hear she was going to India, Malaysia and Singapore (where I am from). Hope she gets to meet some of my friends out there too. What a small world indeed!

I learnt a short prayer from Breezes of Confirmation and would like to share this as it reminds me of my experience at Bosch.
"God is the helper of those souls, whose aim is the service of humanity. Whose efforts and endeavours are devoted to the good and betterment of all mankind"

At Bosch, I truly felt that I met young committed and pure souls devoted to the betterment and service of humanity. I look forward to going up there more often just to meet these lovely souls.


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