Thursday, November 02, 2006

Faces from around the world

Since I only just recently started this blog, I will slowly work my way backwards and post the pictures of some lovely Baha'is I have had occasion to meet around the world. Let me start with some from Cambodia and Laos. Some of them are pioneers from Malaysia into these countries, and others are local and homefront pioneers.

Many of them had been at it for such a long time, and their life of dedication to the Faith is indeed an inspiration to all!! Did you know there is a village in Myanmar, which was referred to by Abdul Baha was "my village"? This place is affectionately known as Abdul Baha's village by the locals in Myanmar, and has been visited by Ruhiyyih Khanum. Unfortunately, it was the rainy season still and there was not enough time for me to visit it on my trip. I hope to make it back and meet more lovely people! Great and inspirational people and I can only hope and wish to life my life as they do, with humility, love and total dedication. I am so blessed to have met them!!


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