Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Prayers, Pancakes on Poi'hu beach (PPP)

Every first Sunday of every month, the Baha'is of Kauai have dawn prayers at Poipu beach and have a pancake breakfast after that. What a great idea. We just could not miss it, so we got the children up the early morning and headed for the beach. Normally they did prayers first but this time to accomodate the children, they offered breakfast first. After that we had a lovely treat to so many wonderful prayers including Hawaiian chanting from Liz Hahn. I am encouraging Liz to put her chants online so more of us can hear it. Liz interestingly is a Baha'i we stayed with 15 years ago (as we knew her through BCCA) and we were catching up again now after all these years.

Often, there are other groups also meeting at the beach who are also invited to join in. Sometimes it is the Alcoholics Anonymous groups, or this time a church group holding a service for the homeless. Pancakes are always a good way to get fellowship and service started. I think this a great idea of sharing food and devotions with others, and the consistency of doing it once every month, means getting the word out to join is easy. I do hope to get another chance to join in sometime soon.

Poi'pu beach is not only a lovely beach to snorkel and swim for young and old, it is also home to the almost extinct monk seals and green turtles (both protected by law). It is really a remarkable beach and a must see for anyone to Kauai.

After that lovely start to the day, Ole a Baha'i from Colombia living in Kauai, who was also at the dawn prayers and in whose house Feast was held, was a great host to us. He runs a successful business called ATV Tours (http://www.kauaiatv.com/). It is a really cool and fun way to see Kauai as you travel around in a semi-automatic jeep and go through mud roads to either a reservoir or a waterfall for a swim. I will truly recommend it. He also has a paint ball field, where you can have fun getting dirty with paint ball guns.

PS. Ole is looking for people to come work at his place (especially those who already have the right paperwork to work in the US), especially during the peak holiday periods like summer. He would like to invite Baha'i youth(have to be at least 16), who would like to spend time in Kauai to work, where there are lots of opportunities to teach and serve. For instance, Liz Hahn who works at a Trust also needs help to document Baha'i gravesites (for historical reasons) in Kauai. Many great Baha'is in Kauai, take for instance Ole who has many fascinating stories about his role in the growth of the Faith in Colombia.

Do pass the word on that Ole needs help. Kauai truly rocks and I will highly recommend this as your chance to really experience the Garden Island and meet people from around the world. For your free time-Lots of snorkelling sites and scuba too. Hiking trails or just hang loose at the beach or teach the Faith after work. Either way, great way to experience the Aloha spirit and really get involved, not just be another tourist.


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