Monday, November 06, 2006

Washington DC experiences

Washington DC always holds dear memories for me. It was there that I first attended Feast, where I got married, had my first child, celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary, etc. I was therefore thankful that I was able to spend sometime this summer catching up with dear friends and my adopted family, the Coleys. (Zylpha Mapp Robinson was my other Baha'i mom who passed away, but her presence was felt and dear memories with her not forgotten, I thank God I was able to see her a month or so before she passsed). The Baha'i friends are all so dedicated to the Faith and work hard to actually live the life, that I use many of them as my beacons of hope and faith. I also turn to them often to be my prayer line as I truly value the power of their prayers. I share some of these memories through this picture.


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