Friday, November 17, 2006

Connecting across borders

It was indeed a lovely feeling to group together with Baha'i friends and others in the home of a Baha'i in Cupertino. The occasion was to welcome back a wonderful soul, Ming, who accepted the Baha'i Faith during his stay in the US, whilst on an exchange program from Singapore. He had come back to visit the Bay Area with his own family, and was welcomed back with open arms- offering hospitality in many ways including- of course another occasion for us to party and eat!!

Many people he had come to know here in the Bay Area also turned up with food and friendship to welcome his family here. I truly enjoyed the sense of global communityship as I grew up with this strong sense of community back home in Singapore (I am from a minority community in Singapore so we build strong ties to be there for each other). It was truly nice to experience this sense of community here in the US in a home where everyone was welcomed (whether known to the host or not).

Sorry pictures are not that great- took it with my handphone (cellphone).


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