Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Please support World Religion Day next year

I am reprinting an email I had received through my global friends regarding World Religion Day for next year. I think it is always a good reminder to ensure we do not let this precious day go by without doing anything and we need time to ensure it is truly inclusive of peoples of all religions. The best way is to ensure everyone feels ownership and participates enthusiastically in it. I was privileged back in 1997 to have been appointed the Baha'i speaker for a panel of religious speakers of 9 Faiths in Singapore, and I felt truly inspired sharing the message of the Oneness of Religion, of Peoples and ofGod. I was actually 5 months pregnant, but no one noticed that I was when giving the speech. They all thought I was just glowing though with pride of being a speaker. There were close to 1000 people in the audience, and we also had the Minister of Community Development and other key leaders in Singapore attend.

Other communities have it on a more modest basis with inter-religious prayers, but always getting people of other Faiths who are passionate bringing about greaty unity and also peace in applying spiritual principles to the way we interact as a humanity.

Having said that, here is the letter:

Each year in October we send out a request, via print and electronic media, to all Baha’i communities as well as individuals and organizations of other Faiths encouraging them to observe the annual World Religion Day in the coming year.

It is that time now. We call it the World Religion Day season. We respectfully request you to let us know if your Baha’i community has any plans to observe this important day on Third Sunday January 2007 (January 21, 2007). This information will be added into our website which gets over 300,000 visitors each season. If not may we urge you to appoint a dynamic group of Baha’is to formulate a plan for the said observance in January ‘07..

World Religion Day has proven to be an effective tool to build bridges between hearts of those who desire harmony. We are all aware, now more than ever, humanity’s plea for understanding and harmony among the followers of all Faiths. Many religious leaders have made attempts to bring together the followers of other Faiths for a friendly dialogue on the issue of living by the Golden Rule. Many civic leaders, around the globe, have praised the services rendered by World Religion Day in its efforts to promote harmony. The Government of Sri Lanka proclaimed Third Sunday in January as World Religion Day and issued a postal stamp to mark that historic proclamation. The Baha’is, with a global vision, are engraving in the minds and hearts of the believers of all Faiths that “Religion must be the cause of unity”. The worldwide observances of World Religion Day have been seen as most prominent in this endeavor.

The Baha’is around the world are attempting to invite their families, friends and neighbors to participate in their grassroots Core Activities. World Religion Day has been used by the Baha’is as a tool to further enhance the enrollment of seekers in the process of establishing God’s eternal kingdom on this planet. The examples are many among those Baha’i communities that observe the annual World Religion Day. Please visit for more information.

We look forward to receiving the news of your planning to hold 2007 World Religion Day in your area. If you have a question please email them to The Project Office, WORLD RELIGION DAY PROGRAM,

Please be assured of our loving prayers.

With best regards,



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