Friday, November 24, 2006

The Burgess Falls in Tennessee

As I spent Thanksgiving here in Tennessee with the other side of my family, I had occasion to explore and went hiking at Burgess Falls. It is a very spectacular site indeed. There are the 3 different levels to the falls- the small falls, the middle falls and then the great fall. What a progression indeed, reminding me of the patience we need to have in our lives to believe there is a progression to all things and before you know it, lo and behold, its majesty stands before you!

In this modern day of instant gratification, I too often find myself looking for instant results. A small hike for 90 minutes with the true art in nature is a great settler of spirit indeed. Here are some pictures I want to share with you that I took and a quote from the writings which I shall post as my thought for the day. (PS I am really excited to meet the Baha'is of Nashville on Sunday before I leave back for the Bay Area- will post info when I have it later. Also check out my photos on the artists of Tennessee Tech University centre at

" ye not, seek ye no composure, attach not yourselves to the luxuries of this ephemeral world, free yourselves from every attachment, and strive with heart and soul to become fully established in the Kingdom of God. Gain ye the heavenly treasures. Day by day become ye more illumined.Draw ye nearer and nearer unto the threshold of oneness" .........Baha'u'llah


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